Cinema Advertising 'Most Trusted' and 'On the Rise'

With audiences hitting their highest level for over 50 years, 2019 has been an exciting year for cinema. The past twelve months have seen blockbuster releases attract cinema goers in overwhelming numbers and brands have reacted to this trend by upping their cinema ad-spend by over 6.8%.

In an age of dual screening and ad-blockers, cinema offers advertisers an increasingly unique experience whereby “premium, trusted, quality content [is delivered] in a high attention environment”, allowing advertisers to trigger an emotional response from their audiences.

An excellent platform for reaching ABC1, Gen Z and Millennial audiences; a recent DCM study found that 16-34 year olds make up over half of all cinema attendees - a demographic who also ranked cinema advertising as their most trusted traditional ad format, with over 59% feeling ‘positive about it’.

Isn’t Cinema Expensive?
In the days of old, cinema advertising was available to purchase only by TV region which often led to high media spends and unwanted wastage however with the introduction of demographic purchasing, cinema is becoming more readily accessibly for all brands and budgets with campaigns starting at just £3k!

What is Demographic Purchasing?
Demographic Purchasing allows us to identify who your most suitable audiences are and buy space around cinema content which indexes highest against these demographics. We can also purchase space on a cinema-by-cinema basis, which makes our targeting much more refined and wastage as minimal as possible.

Is Cinema Advertising just on screen?
Not at all! There are a range of options when it comes to cinema advertising. Depending on your cinema of choice, we have the ability to deliver:

  • 6 Sheets

  • Digital 6 Sheets

  • Escalator Panels

  • Escalator Wraps

  • Floor Vinyls

  • Foyer Stands

  • Experiential Media

  • PR Teams.

If you’re interested in how cinema advertising could benefit you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free bespoke proposal.

KMS Media's Christmas Collection 2019

KMS Collection.png

As some of you may already know; every year, KMS Media work with our lovely clients and colleagues to raise much needed resources for the homeless over the festive period.

What initially started as a one-off gesture of good will has now become an annual event but it wouldn’t be possible without the help from our wonderful participants! This year we’re appealing for any of our Manchester-based clients and contractors to take part by donating much needed resources for collection on Wednesday 4th December.

Our charity of choice is Manchester-based homeless charity, the Booth Centre. Based on Pimblett Street, the centre offers a range of support services to the homeless from hot food and showers, to arts and craft activities to stimulate mental health and well being.

How do I get involved?
The concept behind the KMS Media Christmas collection is pretty straightforward:

  • Please register your interest by emailing Hollie (

  • We’ll send you a poster for you to pop up in your office and raise awareness of the collection

  • Get your hands on as many donations as possible from the items listed below

  • Have them ready for us to collect from your office on Wednesday 4th December.

What can I donate?
This year the Booth Centre are appealing for specific items and are no longer able to accept coats, shoes or any bulky clothing. Rather, they are appealing for:

  • Food and Soft Drinks - tinned foods, cook-in-sauces, rice and pasta, tea and coffee, biscuits and cakes

  • Arts and Crafts Materials - paper, coloured pens, paints and notebooks

  • Women’s Toiletries - toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary products, shower gel and moisturizer

  • Men’s Toiletries - toothbrushes and toothpaste, shaving foam and razors

  • Clothing Accessories - hats, scarves and gloves only.

If you’d be interested in spreading a little festive cheer this time of year, please don’t hesitate to get in touch… and remember, every little helps!

Team KMS x

Adsmart vs Youtube

Arriving on the internet scene back in 2005, Youtube has grown exponentially over the past decade. With over 400 hours of content being uploaded to the platform every minute, Youtube has grown to become one of the most popular websites in existence with billions of active users across the world.

The popularity of online streaming continues to rise and to ensure they get a slice of the action, television providers are launching their own independent content streaming platforms such as Adsmart, on Demand, ITV Hub and soon to be, Britbox.

So with video generating such interest, how can advertisers best maximize on this trend?


Sky Adsmart
Excellent for raising brand awareness, Sky AdSmart allows us to serve adverts to different households watching the same programmes. This means brands and businesses can advertise on national channels but only to relevant audiences, delivering the impact of TV at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast advertising.

Sky AdSmart allows us to refine the audience reached by your adverts by using first party customer information, as well as information on your target consumer provided by profiler experts such as Experian. This allows us to reach users by:
- Audience Age
- Demographic
- Geographical Location
- Lifestyle and Interests.

Booked across the Sky network, your content will be viewable across a range of channels including:


Every month over 1 billion people watch more than 6 billion hours of videos content via Youtube. This represents a vast range of potential customers both at home and on the go which we can reach with your content.

Youtube allows us to refine your reachable audience by setting specific criteria which can include factors such as:
- Audience Age
- Demographic
- Geographical Location
- Topics and interests
- Affinity audiences (interest-based)
- In market audiences (customers who are researching products, actively considering buying something you offer)
- Remarketing (reaching viewers based on their previous interactions within Youtube).

As with all of our online campaigns, we are able to offer weekly insight reports which allow us to report transparently and accountably on the performance of your campaign. We are able to report on engagement such as clicks, site lands, view through rate, the placement of your adverts and also creative performance should you choose to run multiple pieces of copy.

If you’re interested in learning more about how video advertising can benefit your brand, get in touch: email or give us a call on 0161 832 6393!

Special Builds: Why You? Why Not?

Manchester’s Northern Quarter is renowned for it’s ever changing street-art scene. With familiar faces popping up on walls, doors and lets be honest, any area of spare brick possible; the artsy prints aren’t just for making the streets look pretty. Excellent for arts, culture, music and fashion clients - ambient and specialist media is a great way of generating street level awareness, PR and Social noise surrounding your brand and upcoming campaign.

To promote the release of Liam Gallagher’s new album ‘Why Me? Why Not?’, Warner Music looked to source a local artist and prime city centre location to create a bespoke mural of the Mancunian singer in his hometown. The mural was painted by local artist, Akse and was located on the old entrance door to Manchester’s legendary music venue The Roadhouse, where many a great night has been spent!

Why Ambient and Experiential Media?
It’s often said that the medium is the message and by crafting bold, unconventional campaigns we are able to get under the skin of marketing weary consumers to cause a welcome disruption at street level.

Ambient media isn’t just for big buck advertisers however, there are a number of ways to include creative thinking within your advertising strategy, including:
Murals - Murals allow us to bring urban walls to life and deliver your message in an artistic, innovative way. With a range of approved sites ready to be used as a blank canvas, street murals are a great head-turner and work well for creating a PR buzz or boosting social sharing.

Special Builds - A great way to grab attention and the imagination of commuters, special build posters allow us to take traditional billboards and turn them into something spectacular. Special build 48 Sheets command attention, amplify the impact of your campaign and provide excellent content for Social and PR.

Legal Fly Posting - Affordable and excellent for a quick turn-around, legal fly posting provides street level 4 Sheet posters in individual frames to provide nationwide coverage. As a format, 4 Sheets work particularly well for reaching a more urban audience, allowing your message to be aligned with arts, culture, music and fashion content.

To find out more about how we can incorporate creative, divergent thinking into your advertising strategy; please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

KMS Media Shortlisted for MPA Awards 2019!

We are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for an award at this year’s MPA Inspiration Awards!

An annual ceremony, the MPA Awards bring together regional creative talent and celebrate the excellent projects being created within our city.

This year, KMS Media have been shortlisted for ‘Big Bang Campaign of the Year’ in recognition of a campaign we planned for Storyhouse to promote their Spring Season. This is an award to recognise that through innovative and creative thinking, a big impact can be made from a modest budget.

Storyhouse Spring Campaign:
In Spring 2019 we worked closely with Storyhouse to promote their new season of events. Tasked with promoting a range of events targeted at a various different audience groups, we created a multi-format advertising campaign encompassing high impact outdoor formats and bespoke, programmatic display.

To raise brand awareness and generate the greatest impact possible for their allocated media spend; we chose high impact outdoor (12 Sheets) at high footfall stations across Liverpool - this provided an excellent canvas to deliver multiple messages and allowed Storyhouse to reach a range of valuable audiences from AM/PM commuters to leisure seekers.

On a more local level, Adrails were strategically located at smaller stations across Chester, Liverpool and Manchester. This allowed us to raise brand awareness in surrounding areas and reach local residents.

Finally - a strategic, programmatic online display campaign was implemented to promote a select number of events from the wider season. This activity was targeted towards a more refined group of audiences browsing behaviourally, contextually and thematically relevant content to that of Storyhouse and their chosen productions.

Having worked closely with Storyhouse since the launch, we had a high volume of audience insight gathered from bespoke audience pixels in place on the client’s website. This was factored into the campaign allowing us to re-target users who have browsed content on site but not yet converted to a purchase, as well as prospecting new audiences.

Campaign Results:

  • £60,000 revenue driven from an initial online media spend of £2,550

  • 864 observed conversions producing a CPA of £3.47

  • 1,202,925 impressions delivered and a CTR of 0.07% achieved.

We were (and still are!) delighted with the results of this campaign: it was smart, innovative and tailored to exactly what we needed. The ROI achieved, exceeded all expectations and shows with intelligent planning modest budgets can achieve big impact. It has influenced the way we plan all of our marketing campaigns - which is pretty significant!
— Nancy Davies: Marketing and PR Manager at Storyhouse