1-in-10 Christmas Consumers share content in the dark in the lead up to Christmas

With the countdown to Christmas well and truly underway, festive shopping season is fast approaching. 

In a report into festive shopping habits, Rhythm One found that 80% of Christmas shoppers share their potential purchases via 'dark social' channels such as instant messaging and email.

The report also unearthed some interesting purchase habits which advertisers should look to take advantage of:

1. Big Shop vs Little and Often
61% of festive shoppers will opt to do one 'big shop' vs little shops more regularly. Such habits suggest that consumers are making more informed decisions and placing more emphasis on planned purchases therefore it becomes more of a necessity for advertisers to maintain a presence during the planning-and-sharing period.

2. Mobile to plan and Desktop to purchase
So we know that we need to stick with the consumers throughout the planning stage but where do we target? The report highlighted that the majority of Christmas consumers will plan their purchases using their mobiles so it's imperative that advertisers emphasize their presence across mobile and tablet devices.

When it comes to point-of-purchase however, most shoppers will revert to a desktop device; at which point, they have already planned their purchase and are less likely to be swayed by a last minute ad. 

A cross-device, online display campaign works well for targeting the right audience, on the right device, at the right time.

3. Mum's the word
When it comes to social sharing, the 'mum' audience comes out on top. 'Mums' tend to share almost 96% of their content via Dark Social formats as they gage interest, opinion and feedback from friends and family. 

During the festive period, advertisers should look to create a strong presence within this audience pool; particularly across 'dark social' platforms.