The Guardian announces plans to shift to Tabloid

Next year, the Guardian is set to drop it's Berliner style and make the switch to the tabloid format.

Stressing that it's just the shape that will be changing, Editor-in-Chief; Katharine Viner commented that the Guardian's audience care more about the journalism within the paper than it's shape or format: “The Berliner is a beautiful format which has served our readers brilliantly for 12 years but we know that it is our award-winning, quality, independent journalism that our readers value most, rather than the shape or the size of the newspapers."

The change will come into effect in 2018, when the Guardian will begin to outsource it's printing and make their official switch to the tabloid format.

We are going to create a new-look tabloid Guardian and Observer that are bold, striking and beautiful - which still contain the agenda-setting journalism for which we’re renowned.
— Katharine Viner: Editor-in-Chief at the Guardian