KMS Media Sleep Rough to Raise Money for the Homeless

On November 10th we took part in the #McrSleepout, an event hosted by the Booth Centre to raise much needed funding to help the thousands of homeless people across Manchester.

As an agency based in the city centre, we can’t fail to notice the rising number of people sleeping rough in doorways and on the streets of Manchester so to help raise awareness and vital funding, we pitched our sleeping bags outside Manchester Cathedral and slept rough for the night.

Alongside 400 others, we armed ourselves with thermals, sleeping bags, waterproofs and umbrellas; anything that could potentially shield us from the rain and wind which was forecast that evening.

For eight hours we faced a snapshot of what the homeless face on a daily basis; the unshakable cold, the loneliness as others tried to sleep and the urge to get up and leave. It was a humbling and unforgettable experience.

Based on Pimblett Street, over the past year the Booth Centre has helped 120 people back in to full time employment, secured accommodation for 390 rough sleepers and provided enriching, educational and creative activities for over 750 people who have visited the centre.

KMS Media are proud to have raised over £800 in sponsorship and the Sleepout generated over £90,000 which will go directly to helping the homeless people in our city.