Let's talk about GDPR

With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect this April, it has become a hot topic across the industry for both agency and client alike. A new set of regulations tasked with improving the level of control individuals have over their personal data, GDPR sees the old 'opt out' system replaced with a series of 'opt in and audit' rules which much be adhered to as of April 2018.

So how does it effect you as our client? If you think about your current mailing list; how many of those addresses explicitly agreed to receive marketing material? Then of that number, how many regularly engage with your content? What about where the data is held and who has access to it? These are the questions which GDPR intends to raise.

To make the process as transparent as possible, watch the GDPR webinar below to see how you can become GDPR compliant: