Important Changes to Optioning Outdoor Formats

With a new year comes new processes and as of January 2018, the process of optioning outdoor ad space is changing for our clients. To avoid repetitive optioning on un-booked sites, media owners are enforcing new regulations:

No Repeat Options:
Currently, we are able to option ad-space with a view to extend/repeat option space if our client is unable to provide a confirmed booking at the time the option is due to drop. As of January, we will no longer be able to go ahead with repeat options and in instances where an option has dropped and the client is unable to commit to a booking we won't be able to re-option that site for that incharge.

Optioning Periods:
The length of options is also set to change meaning the length of time we are able to hold a site will decrease. From January-April, all options will be held in place until 9pm on the last Friday of each month regardless of when the option was requested.

In May, option periods will be further decreased to two-weeks therefore options will then drop on at 9pm on the second and last Friday of each month.

Renewal/First Refusal:
To create more variation across the outdoor sector, the system of renewing is also changing. Under new regulations, a client will only be offered automatic renewal/first refusal if their site has been part of a six-month block booking.

We hope to make this transition as clear as possible - if you have any queries, don't hesitate to get in touch: