Declining Gallery/Museum visitors signals greater need for cross-channel Advertising

A report by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport has revealed that the UK’s museums and galleries faced a 1.4 million decline in visitors last year, the first decline for almost a decade.

Whilst visitors as a whole are taking a downward turn, it’s not all doom and gloom as the arts and culture movement is growing rapidly in popularity among 16-24 year olds. Made up of social sharers and spur-of-the-moment bookers, the “culture vulture” audience demographic is 64% more likely to search for venues and exhibitions online within just a few days of their intended visit.

So how can advertising make the most of the trend?

Be more mobile:
With the ‘culture vulture’ audience becoming more engaged with arts and culture, it’s important to capture their attention where they spend their time most – on mobile. We can create a range of mobile adverts to target audiences by location, demographic and online behavior to ensure we encourage relevant audiences to click on your adverts and convert to purchasing tickets or sharing with their friends.

Be Visual:
Museums and galleries often have a whole host of creative assets which aren’t being maximised. We recommend utilising the popularity of vertical video and taking your venue to the audience by showcasing exhibitions in video and image format through platforms such as carousel or canvas.

Keep your Social Channels up to date:
Given the social-sharer nature of the 16-30 audience, maximise the appeal of your venue or production by keeping your social channels up to date. Fill them with images and videos of what you have on offer, allow the audience to visualize what they're missing out!

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