KMS Media Celebrates 5 Years!

This year KMS Media celebrates it’s 5th Birthday! Right from day one when we launched during the economic downturn in 2012, we believed that there was space in the industry for an independent, specialised & personable agency, dedicated to providing innovative advertising for the Arts and Entertainments sectors.

This belief and drive has so far been proven right and with the ongoing support from both our clients and contractors we will continue to grow from strength to strength.  We’re looking forward to taking on whatever 2017 brings.

But if we had to start again or give advice to others starting up their own business, here’s 5 lessons learnt from 5 brilliant years:

Be Prepared to fail:
It’s important to learn how to recover from failure. Working in an industry thats filled with up’s and down’s, it’s key to realise that some things will be beyond your control and for every no, you will find an even better yes. Be spurred on by failure, not intimidated by it.

Keep your culture alive:
The best campaigns are put together by those with a love for the industry. If your team aren’t happy and inspired, how can you expect your business or your clients to be? Finding a team who just ‘get’ each other is really important and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Keep it interesting:
Possibly the most simply of lessons we’ve leant, don’t be boring! Providing variety and options is a great way for showcasing your products and services. Provide your clients with innovation and options, don’t fall into the trap of repetition.

Keep an eye on future trends:
With the accelerated progression of digital and it’s effects on more traditional mediums it is more important than ever to not only keep up to date with developments, but also filter out the noise and focus on what will work best for your client.

Utilise your networks:
Friends, family and work colleagues can provide a treasure trove of advice and experience, so don’t be afraid to tap into your communities and accept help where it’s offered. It’s important to learn how to collaborate effectively to drive business results!