Social Media Advertising 101: Which Platform is best for me?

As of 2017, the average person in the UK now spends more time online per day than they do asleep. What might sound like a scary prospect can unveil a plethora of opportunities for advertisers. 

With opportunity can also come hesitation so we've broken down each of the major platforms to highlight which one is best for you:

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook paves the way. It's where we all hang out, check in and discuss. Facebook offers a range of advertising options from the more standard promoted page posts , right up to interstitials like Facebook Canvas.

Of all the social media platforms, we often see Facebook generate the most clicks so if you're looking to encourage users to travel to a certain webpage, we'd recommend a Facebook format for you. 

A late runner in social media advertising, Twitter offers two major ad formats: Twitter Cards and Website cards, both promotional posts (similar to that of Facebook) which drive users to click through to your website.

If you're looking to showcase a number of messages to a younger target audience, Instagram is the way to go! More focused on raising brand awareness and encouraging a purchase further on in the customer's journey, Instagram carousel works very effectively when inbuilt with a Facebook promotion campaign to provide the customer with that last little nudge!

The carousel format can include square video and up to 5 swipeable images, as well as a click through to a webpage of your choice. 


Another great format for awareness and shareability, Snapchat Geofilters are bespoke images which users can include on their photos to promote your event, venue or product. Filters can be bought by the hour and are served within a specified geographica area so we can ensure there's no wastage!

If you're interested in broadening your social media marketing, give us a call for a bespoke media plan!