Facebook goes offline: Social media leader launches magazine

Facebook has taken a side step away from it's digital platforms to launch a new, print magazine.

Described as a "quarterly magazine for business leaders", 'Grow' aims to deliver engaging content to busy business-types who don't have the time for long reads at work. As part of the strategy, the magazine will be distributed in selected airport and train business lounges to ensure distribution and readership by the most relevant audiences.

The 'Grow program' is focused around a revenue-free model and Facebook has commented that the magazine will not run ads. All content available in print will also be mirrored online via the Grow Facebook page and industry blog.

Facebook's Northern European marketing team, the force behind Grow, commented that: "a new digital home for Grow is in the pipeline" and the team are also looking to distribute content via other digital platforms such as Instagram and Linkedin.

To date, Grow has run a number of stories including Paris' transformation into a startup hub and an interview with H&M's Oscar Olsson.

PR stunt or permanent publication? Watch this space..