Campaign of the Quarter: Contact Theatre

This quarter we worked with Contact Theatre as part of their ‘Contact in the City’ Season. To promote the production of ‘Switch & Tipping Point’ at Upper Campfield Market Hall, we delivered an integrated online display and outdoor billboard campaign.

Online Display:
The campaign was focused on targeting families looking for things to do during the school holidays, young/student theatre-goers, as well as city dwelling metroculturals therefore we applied a range of targeting criteria. To ensure we reached the best audiences in the most relevant locations we geo-targeted the campaign towards Greater Manchester + 30 minutes drive time. We then applied strategic keyword, contextual and behavioural targeting to ensure we served the adverts on the most suitable domains, beside the most relevant content, at the times when Contact Theatre’s target audience would be most likely to engage.

The campaign generated very strong results with a CTR of 0.12% across 4 weeks. Key insight was gathered from the campaign which can be utilised in future digital activity, such as:

  • The most engaged audience was male

  • The best performing creative size was 320 x 50 banner

  • Most of the audience engaged with the Business, Shopping, Careers and Education content

  • Top performing domains include:,, and

With a limited budget for outdoor we selected an outdoor site which would deliver maximum impact. Located on Europe’s busiest bus passage, we booked a billboard on Manchester’s Oxford Road to capture commuters, students, locals and visitors travelling into the city centre.

If you’re looking to target a bespoke target audience group or if you’re interested in how you can bring your digital and out of home campaigns together, don’t hesitate to give us a call: 0161 832 6393 or email