KMS Media Shortlisted for MPA Awards 2019!

We are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for an award at this year’s MPA Inspiration Awards!

An annual ceremony, the MPA Awards bring together regional creative talent and celebrate the excellent projects being created within our city.

This year, KMS Media have been shortlisted for ‘Big Bang Campaign of the Year’ in recognition of a campaign we planned for Storyhouse to promote their Spring Season. This is an award to recognise that through innovative and creative thinking, a big impact can be made from a modest budget.

Storyhouse Spring Campaign:
In Spring 2019 we worked closely with Storyhouse to promote their new season of events. Tasked with promoting a range of events targeted at a various different audience groups, we created a multi-format advertising campaign encompassing high impact outdoor formats and bespoke, programmatic display.

To raise brand awareness and generate the greatest impact possible for their allocated media spend; we chose high impact outdoor (12 Sheets) at high footfall stations across Liverpool - this provided an excellent canvas to deliver multiple messages and allowed Storyhouse to reach a range of valuable audiences from AM/PM commuters to leisure seekers.

On a more local level, Adrails were strategically located at smaller stations across Chester, Liverpool and Manchester. This allowed us to raise brand awareness in surrounding areas and reach local residents.

Finally - a strategic, programmatic online display campaign was implemented to promote a select number of events from the wider season. This activity was targeted towards a more refined group of audiences browsing behaviourally, contextually and thematically relevant content to that of Storyhouse and their chosen productions.

Having worked closely with Storyhouse since the launch, we had a high volume of audience insight gathered from bespoke audience pixels in place on the client’s website. This was factored into the campaign allowing us to re-target users who have browsed content on site but not yet converted to a purchase, as well as prospecting new audiences.

Campaign Results:

  • £60,000 revenue driven from an initial online media spend of £2,550

  • 864 observed conversions producing a CPA of £3.47

  • 1,202,925 impressions delivered and a CTR of 0.07% achieved.

We were (and still are!) delighted with the results of this campaign: it was smart, innovative and tailored to exactly what we needed. The ROI achieved, exceeded all expectations and shows with intelligent planning modest budgets can achieve big impact. It has influenced the way we plan all of our marketing campaigns - which is pretty significant!
— Nancy Davies: Marketing and PR Manager at Storyhouse