Special Builds: Why You? Why Not?

Manchester’s Northern Quarter is renowned for it’s ever changing street-art scene. With familiar faces popping up on walls, doors and lets be honest, any area of spare brick possible; the artsy prints aren’t just for making the streets look pretty. Excellent for arts, culture, music and fashion clients - ambient and specialist media is a great way of generating street level awareness, PR and Social noise surrounding your brand and upcoming campaign.

To promote the release of Liam Gallagher’s new album ‘Why Me? Why Not?’, Warner Music looked to source a local artist and prime city centre location to create a bespoke mural of the Mancunian singer in his hometown. The mural was painted by local artist, Akse and was located on the old entrance door to Manchester’s legendary music venue The Roadhouse, where many a great night has been spent!

Why Ambient and Experiential Media?
It’s often said that the medium is the message and by crafting bold, unconventional campaigns we are able to get under the skin of marketing weary consumers to cause a welcome disruption at street level.

Ambient media isn’t just for big buck advertisers however, there are a number of ways to include creative thinking within your advertising strategy, including:
Murals - Murals allow us to bring urban walls to life and deliver your message in an artistic, innovative way. With a range of approved sites ready to be used as a blank canvas, street murals are a great head-turner and work well for creating a PR buzz or boosting social sharing.

Special Builds - A great way to grab attention and the imagination of commuters, special build posters allow us to take traditional billboards and turn them into something spectacular. Special build 48 Sheets command attention, amplify the impact of your campaign and provide excellent content for Social and PR.

Legal Fly Posting - Affordable and excellent for a quick turn-around, legal fly posting provides street level 4 Sheet posters in individual frames to provide nationwide coverage. As a format, 4 Sheets work particularly well for reaching a more urban audience, allowing your message to be aligned with arts, culture, music and fashion content.

To find out more about how we can incorporate creative, divergent thinking into your advertising strategy; please don’t hesitate to get in touch!