Adsmart vs Youtube

Arriving on the internet scene back in 2005, Youtube has grown exponentially over the past decade. With over 400 hours of content being uploaded to the platform every minute, Youtube has grown to become one of the most popular websites in existence with billions of active users across the world.

The popularity of online streaming continues to rise and to ensure they get a slice of the action, television providers are launching their own independent content streaming platforms such as Adsmart, on Demand, ITV Hub and soon to be, Britbox.

So with video generating such interest, how can advertisers best maximize on this trend?


Sky Adsmart
Excellent for raising brand awareness, Sky AdSmart allows us to serve adverts to different households watching the same programmes. This means brands and businesses can advertise on national channels but only to relevant audiences, delivering the impact of TV at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast advertising.

Sky AdSmart allows us to refine the audience reached by your adverts by using first party customer information, as well as information on your target consumer provided by profiler experts such as Experian. This allows us to reach users by:
- Audience Age
- Demographic
- Geographical Location
- Lifestyle and Interests.

Booked across the Sky network, your content will be viewable across a range of channels including:


Every month over 1 billion people watch more than 6 billion hours of videos content via Youtube. This represents a vast range of potential customers both at home and on the go which we can reach with your content.

Youtube allows us to refine your reachable audience by setting specific criteria which can include factors such as:
- Audience Age
- Demographic
- Geographical Location
- Topics and interests
- Affinity audiences (interest-based)
- In market audiences (customers who are researching products, actively considering buying something you offer)
- Remarketing (reaching viewers based on their previous interactions within Youtube).

As with all of our online campaigns, we are able to offer weekly insight reports which allow us to report transparently and accountably on the performance of your campaign. We are able to report on engagement such as clicks, site lands, view through rate, the placement of your adverts and also creative performance should you choose to run multiple pieces of copy.

If you’re interested in learning more about how video advertising can benefit your brand, get in touch: email or give us a call on 0161 832 6393!