Campaign of the Quarter: Cheadle and Marple Recruitment

This quarter we are proud to have worked with Cheadle and Marple College to launch their first online display campaign.

Focused on reaching potential applicants for the 2020 academic year; the campaign centered around reaching students but also influential family members who may be involved in the decision making progress. We adopted an integrated, multi-channel approach which included online display, as well as more traditional, local press activity which would raise brand awareness and work well at reaching more mature audiences.

Cheadle & Marple College Campaign (click to enlarge)

KPI: Site Lands

Considerations: As with many educational institutions, Cheadle and Marple College have a catchment area in place for applications therefore this was imperative when planning the delivery of their campaign.

It was also important to carefully consider the audience targeting for this campaign to ensure the users we reached were of relevant age but also that we did not discount possible friends and family members who may prove influential in helping potential students make their decision.

Rationale: With a KPI of driving site lands and an interest in reaching new audiences to the college, we were aware that GDN audience segments and prospecting would be the most influential strategies for delivering this campaign.

Taking this into account, we ensured that bespoke tags were added to site prior to the campaign going live therefore allowing us valuable insight into the types of audiences engaging and in turn allowing us to learn where we should be prospecting beyond the types of audiences who were already engaging with the college.

Campaign Performance: The campaign exceeded expectations by overdelivering on estimated impressions and also achieving a very competitive CPSL:

  • Budget: £3,000

  • 1,504,296 impressions delivered

  • 5,701 site lands achieved

  • £0.61 CPSL

  • 0.06% CTR.

Campaign of the Quarter: Royal Exchange Theatre - Bruntwood Prize 2019

In June 2019 we were approached by Royal Exchange Theatre to plan and deliver a bespoke DV360 campaign to promote the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting. A joint award between Royal Exchange Theatre and property specialists, Bruntwood; the biennial competition is open to entrants of all ages and demographics across the UK.

Bruntwood Prize Campaign (click to enlarge)

KPI: Prize Entries (conversions)

Considerations: Given the wide geographical targeting vs the modest budget allocated, we had to ensure we didn’t stretch the budget too thinly and compromise performance.

As the prize is open to all ages, it was paramount we narrowed down our targeting to only the most relevant users.

Rationale: With a KPI of driving conversions, we were aware that retargeting would play a major role in generating results. Taking this into account, bespoke tags were added to the Bruntwood Prize website prior to the campaign going live therefore allowing us valuable insight into the types of audiences engaging with the prize.

Not only did this allow us insight into users to retarget with paid media, this provided comprehensive analysis which allowed us to create bespoke ‘look-a-like’ audiences.

Campaign Performance: The Bruntwood Prize campaign exceeded the client’s expectations by delivering a 34% increase in prize entries in comparison to the previous prize with 1982 entries submitted in 2017, vs 2561 in 2019.

  • 670,322 impressions delivered

  • 957 clicks achieved

  • 415 entries generated

  • 34% percentage increase year on year.

We are thrilled with the results of this campaign. The Bruntwood Prize marketing campaign has always relied on a digital element as it’s such a cost effective way of spreading the word to a targeted audience.

The campaign exceeded expectations and due to much more precise tracking through pixel placement, we’ve been able to see remarkable results. Actually being able to track the number of people who submitted an entry to the competition means we can see that this campaign was a key contributor to the percentage increase in entries this year.
— Vanessa Walters - Head of Marketing at Royal Exchange Theatre

Campaign of the Quarter: Storyhouse Spring Campaign 2019

This quarter we worked with Storyhouse to promote their 2019 Spring Season. Tasked with promoting a range of events targeted at various different audience groups, we created a multi-format advertising campaign encompassing high impact outdoor formats and bespoke, programmatic online display.

Online Display (DV360):
A strategic, programmatic online display campaign was implemented to promote a more select number of events from the wider season. This activity was targeted towards a more refined group of audiences browsing behaviourally, contextually and thematically relevant content to that of Storyhouse and their chosen productions.

Having worked closely with Storyhouse since the launch, we had a high volume of audience insight gathered from bespoke audience pixels in place on the client’s website. This was factored into the campaign allowing us to re-target users who have browsed content on site but not yet converted to a purchase, as well as prospecting new audiences.

Overall, the campaign produced excellent results:

  • £60,000 revenue driven from an initial online media spend of £2,550

  • 864 observed conversions producing a CPA of £3.47

  • 1,202,925 impressions delivered and a CTR of 0.07% achieved.

12 Sheets:
To reach audiences within commutable distance of Chester; we booked a number of high-impact 12 Sheets at train stations across the Merseyrail Network. Located in high-footfall areas of each station (ticket hall, station concourse etc), these large format posters proved a cost-effective solution for promoting numerous events at one time.

4 Sheet Adrails:
Whilst largely focusing on commutable audiences, it remained important to maintain a localised presence to capture the attention of local residents. 4 Sheet Adrails were booked at local stations including Wilmslow and Chester, and were strategically located on platforms carrying trains in the direction of Chester and Liverpool stations.

We were (and still are!) delighted with the results of this campaign: it was smart, innovative and tailored to exactly what we needed. The ROI achieved, exceeded all expectations and shows with intelligent planning modest budgets can achieve big impact. It has influenced the way we plan all of our marketing campaigns - which is pretty significant!”
— Nancy Davies: Marketing and PR Manager at Storyhouse

Storyhouse Literature Festival


In Autumn 2018, we worked with Storyhouse to promote Chester’s annual Literature Festival. Presented with a modest budget, we were tasked with providing an advertising solution to promote a range of events across a broad variety of genres, and generate ticket sales throughout the duration of the festival.

Having worked in partnership with Storyhouse since the venue launch in 2016, we had a considerable amount of historical data at our disposal therefore we proposed that this be incorporated into a multi-platform, online display campaign with clustered creatives.

Given the high number of speakers/events during the festival, we recommended that Storyhouse cluster their events thematically which would allow us to showcase the greatest amount of content, whilst still ensuring we didn’t overwork the budget. We clustered the ads by four categories:

  • Headlining Acts

  • Fringe Festival

  • Hollie McNish

  • Lemn Sissay.

Each creative was overlaid with it’s own targeting to ensure that we reached the most suitable audiences, most likely to convert and purchase at ticket to one (or more) of the Literature Festival events.

The campaign ran for 6 Weeks and, we’re proud to say, generated excellent results:

  • £2,550 media spend vs £14,360 in ticket sales

  • Average order value (AOV) of £41

  • ROI of £5.63.

As a result of the campaign, we have continued to book online display activity for Storyhouse for both brand awareness and production-specific promotion. The learnings from each individual campaign are retained and used to enhance ongoing digital activity to ensure we maximise budget, increase revenue and continue to raise Storyhouse’s profile.

Marketing Manchester: Unmissable Weekends in Manchester

In 2018 we worked with Marketing Manchester on their ‘Unmissable Weekends in Manchester Campaign.' The campaign ran in conjunction with Manchester International Festival’s campaign to promote the Factory’s Trailblazer event at the Mayfield Depot: Heiner Goebbles: Everything that happened and would happen.

Focused around encouraging London-based culture lovers and tourists to head North for an unmissable weekend in Manchester, we planned a strategic multi-media campaign across press, high impact outdoor and Online Display.

To ensure Marketing Manchester achieved prime positioning in high footfall locations, we booked the impressive Motion screen in London Euston Station. Located beside the station’s timetable in the ticket hall, the Motion site dominates the area and provided excellent exposure to a range of audiences travelling through the station. Towards the end of the campaign we also negotiated a short-term rate on the London Euston Transvision Screen which provided additional presence in this prime location.

To compliment the outdoor activity, we also booked a number of press insertions including a dominant right hand page in Shortlist Magazine and a half page in the London Evening Standard life/culture section.

Finally, this was overlayed with a hyper-targeted online display campaign centered around tourists and visitors browsing content related to visiting Manchester, weekend breaks, UK staycations and Manchester’s cultural offerings.