Marketing Manchester: Unmissable Weekends in Manchester

In 2018 we worked with Marketing Manchester on their ‘Unmissable Weekends in Manchester Campaign.' The campaign ran in conjunction with Manchester International Festival’s campaign to promote the Factory’s Trailblazer event at the Mayfield Depot: Heiner Goebbles: Everything that happened and would happen.

Focused around encouraging London-based culture lovers and tourists to head North for an unmissable weekend in Manchester, we planned a strategic multi-media campaign across press, high impact outdoor and Online Display.

To ensure Marketing Manchester achieved prime positioning in high footfall locations, we booked the impressive Motion screen in London Euston Station. Located beside the station’s timetable in the ticket hall, the Motion site dominates the area and provided excellent exposure to a range of audiences travelling through the station. Towards the end of the campaign we also negotiated a short-term rate on the London Euston Transvision Screen which provided additional presence in this prime location.

To compliment the outdoor activity, we also booked a number of press insertions including a dominant right hand page in Shortlist Magazine and a half page in the London Evening Standard life/culture section.

Finally, this was overlayed with a hyper-targeted online display campaign centered around tourists and visitors browsing content related to visiting Manchester, weekend breaks, UK staycations and Manchester’s cultural offerings.

Design Manchester Festival 2018

This quarter we are proud to have worked with Design Manchester on their 2018 festival campaign. Design Manchester is a city-wide festival of creativity and design, and encompasses over 40 talks, debates, films, workshops, exhibitions, fairs and parties all over the city. 

Now into it’s sixth year, this year’s theme focused around ‘DISRUPT’. With the largest student population across Europe and more cranes than ever hovering above our skyline representing rapid growth, DM18 recognised that our brilliant city was ripe for a rumble and the time had come to look at everything anew.

Hearing and learning from disruptors across all fields, this year’s festival celebrated, innovative and inspired ideas to help us forge our own creative paths in the face of a gloomy mediated future. To raise awareness of this we booked a strategic multimedia campaign comprising of Outdoor and Online display. This included a range of outdoor formats in high-footfall locations to ensure we raised the festival’s profile as much as possible. These included: Metrolink Panels, Legal Fly Posters and Bus Streetliners.

We complimented the outdoor campaign with a bespoke MEN display package which included 100k page impressions, 200k mobile MPUs and 200k in mobile banners - this was then supported with added value editorial and a social media presence.

Having worked with Design Manchester for the past three years, we’re excited to see what next year’s festival has to offer - here’s to DM19!

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership: Winter Wellbeing

In Winter 2017 we planned and booked a highly strategic online, press and outdoor campaign for the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership. Tasked with raising awareness for their Stay Well this Winter campaign, we implemented a number of promoted Facebook Page Posts,  a highly targeted Facebook Canvas ad, Taxi Advertising and local press adverts to encourage the people of Greater Manchester to take more care of themselves during the colder seasons. 

Around the same time we worked with GMHSCP on their Winter Flu campaign. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness that the free flu vaccine is not just for the elderly but is also available for toddlers, we were therefore tasked with targeting three separate audiences; parents of 2-3 year olds, carers of the over 55's and, of course, the over 55's themselves. 

Both campaigns generated strong performance and produced great results:

Winter Flu Canvas - 
- 0.49% CTR
- 0.56% Canvas Engagement Rate
- 18.73% Canvas View Time
- 9,936 Clicks

Stay Well this Winter Canvas -
- 0.67% CTR
- 0.85% Canvas Engagement Rate
- 75.73% Canvas View Time
- 7,290 clicks

Adoption Counts Launch: Digital campaign


✓ This initial burst of Facebook activity was delivered across four weeks, running a different promoted link posts each week.

✓  We geo targeted the campaign to areas in which the client operates (Salford, Stockport, Trafford, Manchester and Cheadle East).

✓  Further to this, we layered on targeting options to ensure we were serving to relevant users within the geo.

✓  As the campaign ran, we optimised towards top performing targeting segments and towards mobile - which was the highest performing device in terms of CTR.

✓  Over delivered on impressions
✓  0.8%CTR (4,880Clicks)
✓  £0.90CPC



✓ AdMaxim implemented Native language targeting in Urdu, Turkish, Arabic and Hindi to engage Asian communities

✓  To reach same sex couples AdMaxim applied Keyword and Contextual targeting to reach users browsing relevant sites and content related to the LGBT community. Banner and Interstitial creative formats were used.

✓  AdMaxim Campaign delivered 1,000,244 impressions
✓  A CTR of 2.23% and 22,326 clicks
✓  The strongest CTR was seen between the hours of 12pm–1pm producing a CTR of 2.52%.✓
✓ The ad that generated the strongest overall CTR was the 1024x768 delivering at 6.7%
✓  The strongest performing device overall was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 47 with an impressive CTR of 5.18%.


Media IQ:

✓  First, we used MediaiQ’s ‘Reach’ product, this ensured scalable performance across a large range of publishers, optimised toward view ability

✓  MediaiQ’s ‘Context’ targeting was also used to deliver impressions in high performing environments, these were heavily optimised towards using assumptive and predictive modelling of high overlap domains

✓  Finally, using MediaiQ’s ‘Audience’ product we targeted assumptively against segments such as ‘Child Welfare Charity Donors’.

✓  We also used predictive models to build custom look a like audiences of users who had visited the homepage previously

✓  2,387,985 impressions delivered
✓  0.14%CTR (3,360clicks)
✓  £2.38 CPC
✓  Top performing domain:


HOME: A Revolution Betrayed

In Autumn 2017 we worked with HOME Theatre to promote their ‘A Revolution Betrayed’ season. With a range of events and productions taking place across a number of months, we created a multi format campaign which ran from September - November.

Tasked with raising awareness of their new season, we proposed an integrated outdoor, press and social media campaign. This included local press titles (Guardian Guide North and Manchester Evening News) alongside a number of strategic outdoor placements such as Metrolink Passenger Panels, Bus Streetliners and Digital Screens across the Manchester Loop Network.

To expand our geographical reach we then implemented an online display campaign which included Facebook Promoted Page Posts to prospect new audiences whilst also retargeting existing ones who had not yet converted to a ticket sale.