Jorvik Viking Centre use Dark Social

After having to close following the floods in 2015, Jorvik Viking Centre held it's grand reopening in Spring 2017.  To create interest prior to the relaunch, we implemented a Dark Social, online display campaign. 

We targeted families, mums, historians and education professionals to ensure we captured the most relevant and high sharing audiences.

We discovered that the Jorvik audience have a keen interest in Home & Garden material, as well as pet related copy, valuable insight which can be used for future campaigns.

Their results showed that the 'mum' audience pool shared the most content, Sunday proved to be the strongest day for engagement and the 300x250 creative generated the strongest CTR, Overall CTR was 0.28%.

Incorporating ‘Dark Social’ within Jorvik’s overall digital campaign proved to be an excellent way to target Mums as they decided on which family activities to book for the coming year.