Adoption Counts Launch: Digital campaign


  • ✓  This initial burst of Facebook activity was delivered across four weeks, running different promoted link posts each week.
  • ✓  We geo targeted the campaign to areas in which the client operates (Salford, Stockport, Trafford, Manchester and Cheadle East).

  • ✓  Further to this, we layered on targeting options to ensure we were serving to relevant users within the geo.

  • ✓  As the campaign ran,we optimised towards top performing targeting segments and towards mobile - which was the highest performing device in terms of CTR.

  • ✓  Over delivered on impressions

  • ✓  0.8%CTR(4,880Clicks)

  • ✓  £0.90CPC



✓ AdMaxim implemented Native language targeting in Urdu, Turkish, Arabic and Hindi to engage Asian communities

✓  To reach same sex couples AdMaxim applied Keyword and Contextual targeting to reach users browsing relevant sites and content related to the LGBT community. Banner and Interstitial creative formats were used.

✓  AdMaxim Campaign delivered 1,000,244 impressions,

✓  A CTR of 2.23% and 22,326 clicks.

✓  The strongest CTR was seen between the hours of 12pm–1pm producing

a CTR of 2.52%.

✓  The ad that generated the strongest overall CTR was the 1024x768

delivering at 6.7%,

✓  The strongest performing device overall was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 47

with an impressive CTR of 5.18%.


Media IQ:

✓  First, we used MediaiQ’s ‘Reach’ product, this ensured scalable performance across a large range of publishers, optimised toward view ability

✓  MediaiQ’s ‘Context’ targeting was also used to deliver impressions in high performing environments, these were heavily optimised towards using assumptive and predictive modelling of high overlap domains

✓  Finally, using MediaiQ’s ‘Audience’ product we targeted assumptively against segments such as ‘Child Welfare Charity Donors’.

✓  We also used predictive models to build custom look a like audiences of users who had visited the homepage previously

✓  2,387,985 impressions delivered

✓  0.14%CTR (3,360clicks)

✓  £2.38 CPC

✓  Top performing