Storyhouse Literature Festival


In Autumn 2018, we worked with Storyhouse to promote Chester’s annual Literature Festival. Presented with a modest budget, we were tasked with providing an advertising solution to promote a range of events across a broad variety of genres, and generate ticket sales throughout the duration of the festival.

Having worked in partnership with Storyhouse since the venue launch in 2016, we had a considerable amount of historical data at our disposal therefore we proposed that this be incorporated into a multi-platform, online display campaign with clustered creatives.

Given the high number of speakers/events during the festival, we recommended that Storyhouse cluster their events thematically which would allow us to showcase the greatest amount of content, whilst still ensuring we didn’t overwork the budget. We clustered the ads by four categories:

  • Headlining Acts

  • Fringe Festival

  • Hollie McNish

  • Lemn Sissay.

Each creative was overlaid with it’s own targeting to ensure that we reached the most suitable audiences, most likely to convert and purchase at ticket to one (or more) of the Literature Festival events.

The campaign ran for 6 Weeks and, we’re proud to say, generated excellent results:

  • £2,550 media spend vs £14,360 in ticket sales

  • Average order value (AOV) of £41

  • ROI of £5.63.

As a result of the campaign, we have continued to book online display activity for Storyhouse for both brand awareness and production-specific promotion. The learnings from each individual campaign are retained and used to enhance ongoing digital activity to ensure we maximise budget, increase revenue and continue to raise Storyhouse’s profile.