Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership: Winter Wellbeing

In Winter 2017 we planned and booked a highly strategic online, press and outdoor campaign for the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership. Tasked with raising awareness for their Stay Well this Winter campaign, we implemented a number of promoted Facebook Page Posts,  a highly targeted Facebook Canvas ad, Taxi Advertising and local press adverts to encourage the people of Greater Manchester to take more care of themselves during the colder seasons. 

Around the same time we worked with GMHSCP on their Winter Flu campaign. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness that the free flu vaccine is not just for the elderly but is also available for toddlers, we were therefore tasked with targeting three separate audiences; parents of 2-3 year olds, carers of the over 55's and, of course, the over 55's themselves. 

Both campaigns generated strong performance and produced great results:

Winter Flu Canvas - 
- 0.49% CTR
- 0.56% Canvas Engagement Rate
- 18.73% Canvas View Time
- 9,936 Clicks

Stay Well this Winter Canvas -
- 0.67% CTR
- 0.85% Canvas Engagement Rate
- 75.73% Canvas View Time
- 7,290 clicks